Winter dressing is our favourite. Lighter layers pared back with signature knits  - there’s room to play with colour and texture. 

Our Winter ’20 collection is available in store and online now, with new pieces dropping each week. 

View our Mens Winter ‘20 inspiration here or read on for Womens. 

"Winter ‘20 is a study in femininity, the female body, what flatters and skims, what creates beauty. I wanted to balance elegance and modernity, the collection embraces the idea of ‘lady-like dressing’ contrasted with a utilitarian edge." - Jac

Inspired by the space race of the 1960s, the Men's Winter '20 collection is abstract in inspiration referencing the group of people who dedicated their lives to making a ‘great leap for mankind.’ “The dressing was classic but with a more modern twist and slim silhouette. I liked the pants a bit higher with tops tucked in. Each piece is named after astronauts + the palette reflects the era, referencing space themes in the names such as Canaveral blue, from Cape Canaveral, home to the Kennedy Space Centre.” - Pat